Strategic research program (SRP)

The  main  instrument  for  the  effective  interaction  of  business, science  and  the  government  for  the  benefit  of  the  development  of medical  and  pharmaceutical  industries  is  Technology  Platform “Medicine  of  the  Future”  a  Strategic  research  program  for  2012 -2020, with prospects up to 2030”.

Strategic Research Program (SRP) – is a long-term program of applied researches and developments to create  new  biomedical  products  and  technologies  aimed  at addressing the most pressing health issues.

The main objects of the Program are:

1. Develop a set of technologies that can make the resource and ideological  basis  for  scientific  and  technological “breakthrough”  and  introduction  of  new  high-tech  products (services) markets.
2. Ensure  introduction,  expertise  and  support  of  complex scientific  programs  focusing  on  the  creation  of  high-tech products (services).
3. Develop and support at the global level of the basic research and  methodical  systems  in  biomedicine,  pharmacy,  new materials  for  medicine,  medical  instrumentation  due  to  the accumulation and management of the available material and technical resources of research institutes and  universities of the Russian Federation.
4. Provide staff training for all stages of the of innovative product creation, including the intersection of sciences for projects on the  basis  of  convergent  technologies  in  the  field  of  medicine and pharmaceuticals.

SRP is a fundamental mechanism for the implementation of medium-and  long-term  priorities  of  biomedicine  based  on  cross-industry technology  development,  coordination  of  participants  in  the development and implementation of complex programs of a full cycle.

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