Consortiums are formed to organize the effective interaction of scientific, educational, industrial and other organizations in the preparation and implementation of the Full cycle complex programs (FCCP) in particular competence

Objectives: Technology development in the field of competency that can form the basis of scientific and technological “breakthrough”, and ensure their transfer into practice in the form of products and services through the creation of conditions for their commercialization.

List of Consortiums of the TP “Medicine of the Future”:
1. Consortium “Theranostics”.
2. Consortium “2-methylimidazole synthesis technology”.
3. Consortium “Oseltamivir”.
4. Consortium “Innovative medicines for Regenerative Medicine of alkaloids”.
5. Consortium “Ceramic gradient structured implants of new generation”.
6. Consortium “The development of technology and the organization of new generation production of multi-functional bioactive wound dressings and health aids”.
7. Consortium “The development of technology and organization of production of biodegradable polymers, medical materials and products based on them”.
8. Consortium “Development and organization of the production of biomimetic materials and coatings for bone tissue bioengineering based on the key technology of artificial “niches” for stem cells”.
9. Consortium “The development of regenerative filler composite materials based on natural biophosphates and polymers for the manufacture of plastic bioresorbable implants and surface coatings of implants for osteosynthesis and osteoplasty”.
10. Consortium «TOPIC»
11. Consortium «Biosensors»
12. Consortium «Development and organization of production of therapeutic and diagnostic preparations for medical radiology»
13. Consortium «Cardio-Tech»