International activity

International activity of TP aims to integrate the network structure of the technology platform into the world scientific and educational, technological and informational space, to receive additional opportunities for further development of the TP and members of the consortium

The Technology platform “Medicine of the Future” strategy of the international activity is directed to the output of Russian developments and technologies in the field of medicine and pharmacy to the international sector of high-tech developments and services. The strategy includes informational, organizational and methodological activities aimed at the development of cooperation with foreign companies providing commercialization and venture capital financing, foreign patents, government regulation of circulation of products in foreign markets.

 The development of the international activities comes from the accumulated experience of the Technology platform “Medicine of the Future” participants, including well-established scientific, educational and commercial contacts and projects with foreign partners, and is based on a study of best practices of technology platforms and similar networking associations in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals, primarily, in Europe and the U.S., as well as the markets of the CIS countries and Asia.

The main directions of activity of the International:

1. International integration of the platform in promoting the developments and production to foreign markets.
2. Interaction with foreign and international organizations, scientific, educational and medical centers.
3. Joining efforts with foreign platforms and organizations, with the leading role of the industrial sector, around the prospective innovative projects, from the point of view of demand, throughout the development cycle.
4. Joint fundamental researches and applied developments, working in science and technology on contracts and grants, as well as technical assistance.
5. Conducting and participating in international conferences, seminars, exhibitions and business missions of TPs.
6. Working out proposals to improve the regulatory framework in the field of science, technology and innovation, including the promotion of international standards and international patents as well as the regulation of international technology transfer and technology cooperation.
7. Commercialization of Russian and joint advanced developments in global markets.
8. Entry into international associations and TP and TP infrastructure sharing, information exchange, creation of tools.

TP “Medicine of the Future” focuses on the aspects of activities directly related to the commercialization of research and development projects of the Russian Federation on the world markets. Thereupon is organized a close cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and the Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the EU, the BRICS and other APEC countries. The Board of TP “Medicine of the Future”  Directors participates in the analysis of documents and proposal development for the  Committee for Scientific and Technological Policy. In the face of global competition in R & D and innovation, the development of public-private partnership will attract public resources for scientific research and technological development will accelerate. TPMF organizes international business missions to India, America and the UK with the assistance of the Ministry of Economic Development. TPMF participates in international conferences, meetings and round tables on medicine, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.