Science and Engineering Boards

Science and Engineering Boards based on the results of foresight studies, prioritizes developments, participates in the development of road maps, forms pads for science and business, identifies scientific and technological potential, competence centers, forms the full cycle complex programs.

 Science and Engineering Boards:

1. Bio-composite materials for medicine.
2. Devices for diagnosis and therapy.
3. Innovative pharmaceuticals.
4. Regenerative cell technology.
5. Nano medicine technology.
6. Post-genomic technologies.
7. Translational Medicine.
8. Diagnostic and therapeutic systems based on molecular and cellular targets.

Rotation of board members

According to the Statute, rotation is carried out every three years. Science and Engineering Boards membership is constantly updated.

How to contact us?

Prepare your own project, or think over the argument to join one of the emerging projects. Get acquainted with the contact persons of Science and Engineering Board. Describe the subject-matter of your proposal and send it via e-mail.