Organizational Structure

Name of Coordinating Agency: State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “Siberian State Medical University” Ministry of Health and Medicine of the Russian Federation

Organizational Structure of the Technology Platform is Consortium “Technology platform “Medicine of the Future”:

1. General Meeting of TP “Medicine of the Future“.
2. The TP “Medicine of the Future” Board of Supervisors.
3. Chairman/Co-chairman of the TP.
4. The Management Committee of the TP “Medicine of the Future”.
5. Science and Engineering Board – SEB.
6. Non-commercial partnership.
7. Consortiums.


1 – General Meeting of TP “Medicine of the Future“ – is the top management level of the Technology Platform. It consists of senior executives of organizations – members of the platform, leading scientists, representatives of government and business. The General Meeting is held annually, it provides strategic policy of the platform, receives a report on the activities of the platform, forms the main vectors of the platform development. Members of the General Meeting elect the chairman of the platform, and also form the Management Committee.

 2 - The TP “Medicine of the Future” Board of Supervisors is a body of expertise and coordination, bringing together the executives of the major industrial enterprises, government and public organizations whose activities is mainly related to the sector of the economy. The Board of Supervisors is to monitor the execution of the Technology roadmap and coordination of long-term strategic research and development program.

3 – Chairman/Co-chairman of the TP. Persons elected by the General Meeting are Operating Managers of the platform, they introduce the platform in the government, at national and international forums, form the Board of Directors and organize the work of the Management Committee and co-ordinate the work of science and engineering boards.

4 – The Management Committee of the TP “Medicine of the Future” – is the body of strategic control of the TP operating on a calendar plan  of performances approved by the General Meeting of the platform. Its work is organized by the Chairman/co-chairman. The Management Committee organizes the development of the Strategic Research Program, forms expert groups under the competence of the platform, evaluates the necessary financial support for the program, and the necessary directions of innovation infrastructure development.

5 – Science and Engineering Board – SEB determines the short-, medium-and long-term priorities for research and development in the appropriate areas, forms the pads, organizes conferences, forms the database, identifies the scientific and Technical potential and forms complex innovation projects.

6 – Non-commercial partnership - is the executive body of the TP Consortium, which is controlled by the General Meeting, the Board, the Management Board and the Executive Board.

Implementation of full cycle complex programs and SRP as a whole, as well as the coordination of TP activities in certain areas are done by the Consortium of TP “MF” (7).