About us

Technology Platform “Medicine of the Future” is a form of the public-private partnership, the way to mobilize the possibilities of the stakeholders (government, business, academic community) and a tool for creating a scientific, Technology and innovation policy 

Basic competences of the Technology Platform “Medicine of the Future” involve technologies in accordance with the list of critical technologies of the Russian Federation, approved by Presidential Decree of July 7, 2011 № 899 (critical technologies):

1. Biocatalytic, biosynthetic and biosensor technologies.
2. Biomedical and veterinary technologies.
3. Genomic, post-genomic and proteomic technologies.
4. Cell technologies.
5. Nano-, bio-, information and cognitive technologies.
6. Bioengineering technologies.
7. Technology for production and processing of structural nanomaterial (in terms of the development of technologies and materials for biomedicine).
8. Technology for production and processing of functional nanomaterial (in terms of the development of technologies and materials for biomedicine).
9. Technology and software of distributed and high performance computing (within the construction of devices and equipment for diagnostic and therapy).
10. Technology to reduce losses from socially significant diseases.
11. Technology of creating electronic allocated baseline and energy-efficient lighting devices (within of the construction of devices and equipment for diagnostic and therapy).

The role of the Technology Platform “Medicine of the Future” in the medical science of Russia:

1. The growing influence of the strategic needs of business and society on definition and implementation of key areas of scientific and Technology evolution in the field of development of new drugs.
2. Combining efforts of business, science, government and civil society interested in the organization of joint activities in the development of advanced medical products.
3. Encouraging innovations, expansion of scientific and industrial cooperation and support of scientific and Technology activities and processes of pharmaceutical industry modernization.
4. Creating strategic plans for pre-clinical testing of drugs for their further implementation, accounting the interest of the market.


TP “Medicine of the Future” is oriented on the following sectors of the economy:

1. Medicine and healthcare.
2. Chemical industry.
3. Instrumentation and electronics.
4. new material production.
5. Pharmaceutical industry.
6. Microbiological industry.

 The strategic target of the Technology Platform “Medicine of the Future” -is the creation of a segment of medicine of the future, based on a set of “breakthrough” technologies, determining the possibility of the appearance of new high-tech products and services markets, and the extensive use of advanced technologies in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Main objectives:

1. Develop a pad, create conditions and format for the effective interaction between the participants of medical and pharmaceutical sectors, including business, science and government.
2. Develop a single vision for the development of medicine to create a long-term research, innovation and production strategic programs.
3. Focus intellectual, financial and administrative efforts to create and commercialize competitive medical products and services on the home and world market.
4. Optimize state regulation of research and innovation processes, standardize Technology regulations and procedures, and change customs regulations in the biomedical field to accelerate the introduction of products to the market.
5. Modernize medical environment and educational space, to create conditions for implementation of new medical products and services into practical healthcare.
6. Indicate scientific knowledge as the area of new breakthrough technologies for medicine that reduce mortality, morbidity, increase the duration and quality of life, and provide population growth of Russia.

Key areas of activity:

1. Predictive and analytical activities including foresight, strategic planning of biomedical and pharmaceutical research development, creation and realization of road map, priority identification with the help of new Internet-based tools, expertise of different level projects, consulting government organizations according to the platform profile.
2. Educational work, upgrading of curriculums and educational programs focused on the needs of business and science, staff training and personnel recruitment.
3. Informational activity, information distribution in this field, information support, communication with Russian and European Technology Platforms. Organizing conferences, meetings, seminars and other performances.
4. Organizational and financial activity, involvement of private and corporate capital to the programs and projects realization, foundation of funds for project development and its constant functioning.